Tahmash Atidim

Tahmash Atidim

The project's description:

Transportation of 3 transformers weighing 276 metric tons each from the Port of Ashdod to Thamash Atidim in Tel Aviv for the Israeli Electric Company.

An electrical company order the division of engineering projects to transport 3 transformers from Ashdod port to Kiryat Atidim in Tel Aviv.
The engineering department first began planning the transportation to locate the most suitable transporting route. The route was inspected by Israeli Road Authority company and after several inspections, it was approved.

The perfectly carried out coordination with the Israeli Police included a comprehensive patrol along the route, definition of nighttime or needed repairs parking spots and the process of passing through every intersection. Once the coordination process was completed, the determination of the final route, the definition of the number of transport nights, and the dates for transporting the cargo were set.
Additional coordination was made with the Castro company, that made all the required changes along the route, such as, dismantling railings, road signs, other signs, and taking over parking lots in Tel Aviv.
First, two 500-ton cranes lifted the three transformers at the Ashdod port storage facility to wait for the dates set by the police.

The engineering projects division was preparing the Girder Trailer, adapting it to the engineering transformers transporting plan, and checked its integrity.
First stage - the large dismantled Girder Trailer was transported to the port.
Second stage - the Girder Trailer was assembled in the port and the transformers were lifted into the trailer using two 500-ton cranes.
Third stage - the first transformer was transported from the Port of Ashdod to an overnight parking in a nearby parking lot near the Sheva Interchange.
Fourth stage - the transformer was transported from the Sheva Interchange to the Atidim Temple in Tel Aviv.
Fifth stage - two 500-ton cranes lifted the transformer onto its base rails and the team dismantled the Girder Trailer and prepared it to be transported back to the port.
Sixth and last step, we transported the Girder Trailer back to Ashdod port so that it would be ready for the next transformer in the convoy.
For the next two weeks, the division transport the 2 transformers left to their destination, accompanied by the Israeli Police, Israeli Road Authority Company, Castro Company and the support of our professional team.

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