The Lifting Department

The lifting department of the Engineering Projects Division specializes in carrying out the lifting of massive, large, and various other types of loads.

The lifting department includes a fleet of mobile cranes varying in size with a lift capacity of 100 to 650 metric tons, crawler cranes with a lift capacity between 140 and 600 metric tons and R.T. cranes with a lift capacity from 45 to 90 metric tons.

Our crane teams—consist of skilled and qualified groups capable of working at heights, signaling, and carrying out their tasks in a secure and effective manner. Our engineering department plans every lifting operation performed in the division and provides the work teams with an accurate and comprehensive lifting plan.

The executing teams are provided with the plan in advance so they can thoroughly prepare for each and every lift opertion. Understanding the task at hand and the readiness of the teams, results in a complete solution for the client that includes professional, efficient and safe job execution without delays and without surprises.

The work of the cranes is supported by the division's logistics, which supplies the lifting equipment, coordinates the transport department’s activities, such as, transporting counterweights and any equipment that is required for the project. The Logistic synergy between the departments provides the customer with a professional and efficient service, thus saving costs and time.


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