- Operators: Minimum requirements - C license holders.
Operating a mobile crane / caterpillar in the lifting works. Leading a team (driver assistant, driver) to carry out the work according to the work plan and the client's expectations. The work is carried out all over the country.

- Operator assistants: Minimum requirements - C license holders.
Driving a mobile crane to / from the workplace. Teamwork with the operator and the driver for the benefit of positioning the crane and mounting the counterweights. Signal (intention) to the operator during the swing. The work is carried out all over the country.

- Drivers: Minimum requirements - E license holders.
Transporting excess loads / counterweights of the mobile cranes using unique and complex supports. Teamwork with members of the specialized transport team. The work is carried out all over the country.

- Specialized transport team members: Minimum requirements - C1 license holders.
Evidence and work planning of complex cargo transports. Preparation of the supported, teamwork with the transport driver and self-accompanying the driver carrying the cargo while performing guidance and maneuvers in crossing restrictive intersections. The work is carried out all over the country.

- mechanic / electrician / locksmith:
Performing mechanical / electrical / framework in the division's garage that handles cranes / supports. The work is carried out in the yard of the brigade in Ramla and includes going to the field if there is a malfunction in one of the tools during the work in the field. (Prior knowledge of mechanics / electricity is preferred. Professional locksmith certification is required).

- Logistics team: Minimum requirement - C1 license holders.
Familiarity with the world of bookkeeping (enough military experience).
Control of computer applications, work in a computerized environment - Priority software, Outlook, Excel.
The job includes entering invoices and purchase orders, inventory counts, receiving and issuing equipment for the garage.
Full-time position, 5 days a week, ability to reach Ramla independently.

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