Engineering Projects Division

The Engineering Projects Division is a leader in its field and provides solutions in the field of engineering planning, transportation, lifting and special projects. Our services are based on knowledge, experience, professional and top-notch personnel, and the latest, diverse equipment in combination with the best quality and safety standards in the industry.

The division has a fleet of mobile and mechanical cranes for lifting as well as a fleet of modular supports which, combined with our experienced personnel, allow us to be second to none at what we do. We provide top professional services to our customers in both simple and complex projects across diverse environments & customer specifications.

The Engineering Projects Division is part of the Taavura Holdings Ltd. group - Israel's largest logistics company. Taavura Holdings Ltd. Was established in 1948 and operates an active fleet of over 1,500 trucks, 2,800 leased trucks, as well as over 6,000 employees that cover a distance of over 80 million km per year. The organization specializes in ground transportation, sale of trucks and cranes, public transport, energy and environmental projects, maintenance and nation-wide logistics services.

We are delighted to make our qualified staff available to you and provide you with a top-notch services and a wide array of solutions in the areas of engineering planning, transportation, lifting, and special projects.

Our Vision

To lead the specialized lifting and transport markets in Israel,
to be the first and preferred choice for our clients,
for all their lifting and transport requirements - whether simple or complex.
To be a successful division as a part of an enterprise that benefits its clients, staff, and shareholders by operating with excellence and inclusivity and delivering unwavering customer service.

Anywhere, Anytime -
Any Task

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