Special Projects

The Engineering Projects Division plans and executes special projects in addition to the routine lifting and transporting activities. In cases where it is not possible to transport or lift the load to its final destination via conventional methods, a special project is required in order to complete the work, this is when our special projects teams come in.

Special projects refer to jobs where the workspace is limited or crowded: such as a tunnel, a building with a roof or closed, narrow spaces.

The special projects are planned by an engineering department that utilizes "sliding" capabilities: the ability to move loads without lifting and without cranes, while meeting the customer's requirements and adapting to the existing limitations at the job site.

Prior to starting work, our task teams go to the location to detail the strategy into a well-organized work plan. Often, a self-loading crane used as a service crane, or a forklift aids the job crews.

Such special projects require a high level of expertise and careful planning. They are carried out with the greatest precision to provide the best solution for the final location, sometimes including several distinct and different phases, all in accordance to a thought-out, elaborated work plan.

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