Engineering Department

The engineering department of Taavura Engineering Projects Division is an important stage in the planning, cost analysis and execution of each specific project.

Using the resources provided by the division, the engineering department combines lifting and transportation services offering a complete solution. The department develops a comprehensive plan for the lifting and transportation project, giving customers a significant advantage that is evident in the combination of resources, effectiveness, and most importantly, smooth and consistent execution for all divisional parts. Beyond the shared professional advantage of our teams, the customer benefits from having a single point of contact for the duration of the project.

As an additional service, the engineering staff conducts a work inspection audit that includes a visit to the job site (as needed), review of the client's plan, and a thorough work requirements plan, taking into consideration all constraints to offer the best solution for the clients and their needs.

The division’s engineers create a thorough lifting/transporting plan using a specialized software. Our customers use that plan to make necessary preparations and design the route to the job site. Operators use the plan to understand the project, research all aspects of the project, and make any additional needed preparations.

The department aims to provide a detailed and precise plan, that will lead to a successful project, on schedule and minimized costs.

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