Moving a crane in Ashdod port

Moving a crane in Ashdod port for the Kalmer company

The project's description:

Moving a 1400-ton crane in Ashdod port from its renovation point to its new location in the row of active cranes.

The Kalmar company has finished raising and strengthening a port crane and adapting it to the unloading of the new ships that frequent the port.

The engineering projects division planned to lead the crane with the help of GOLDHOFER type modular supports which will allow the weight of the crane to be carried and, at the same time, will allow appropriate steering through the route of transporting the crane.

The division was required to move the crane along the line of the port cranes, to a point where we were required to remove a crane from that line and turn it 90 degrees, in order to allow the other crane to pass by and put in its appropriate location to perform its tasks.

After the rest of the cranes passed the renovated crane, we led the crane back to the line of cranes with its front facing the sea so that it could faithfully perform its duty.

The weight of the cargo, the height of its center of gravity, and its travel route require careful engineering planning for the task to be carried out safely and professionally.

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