Gilboa pumped storage

Gilboa pumped storage

The project's description:

Transporting two transformers weighing 160 tons each from the Venrol factory in Ramat Hasharon to a pumped storage site in Reshefim in Gilboa and bringing them into the transformer room.
The entire operation was preceded by a detailed engineering planning process. Engineering planning for transportation in order to calculate and understand the overall dimensions of the transportation and the ability to pass through intersections and under obstacles along the route and the pressures exerted on the road in order to obtain a permit from the Israel Routes Company for the transportation of the cargo, to pass over the bridges carrying the cargo along the transportation route. The engineering design also included all the operations carried out inside the tunnel - self-discharge of the transformer, turning the transformer in the direction of the slide, the work of the jacks and performing the slide.
The transport of the transformer was carried out on a GOLDHOFER modular beam support with ten modular axles in order to lower, as much as possible, the transport height. Due to the height of the load, a route was chosen that went through side roads (Klanswa) in order to bypass all the bridges that limit the passage of the load on the way.
The transport lasted two nights and was carried out under the escort of the traffic police. During the trip, traffic lights were opened (rotation of the traffic light arm) in order to allow the cargo to pass through the intersections. While carrying out the transport, our specialized transport team prepared the equipment in the tunnel in order to unload the transformer and slide it into the transformer room.
Upon arrival at the site, a briefing was given and entry into the tunnel began. The dimensions of the tunnel were designed according to the transport design of the transformer. The transport along the tunnel was carried out in a slow drive while lighting the ventilation pipes so that they would not be damaged by the transformer.
Upon reaching the corridor leading to the transformer room, the team performed a self-unloading of the transformer on a rotating table. (A rotating table designed to rotate loads weighing up to 400 tons) As soon as the weight of the transformer was transferred to the rotating table, it was possible to dismantle the support and rotate the transformer by ninety degrees in the direction of sliding in the corridor.
When the transformer is in its sliding direction, it was necessary to lift the transformer with the help of special jacks in order to remove the rotating table and insert a sliding system. The transformer was slid over the system for 70 meters until it arrived in front of the transformer room in which the transformer is installed. At this point, the transformer was further lifted by the special jack system in order to rotate the sliding system by ninety degrees and slide the transformer to its final base.
The transformer was placed on the base with great success and accompanied by a measurement team that checked and confirmed that the location of the transformer is according to the installation plan.

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