Desalination plant – Sorek 2

Desalination plant - Sorek 2

The project's description:

In order to establish the Sorek 2 desalination facility, the division was required to plan, transport and lift significant components of the new facility, of which the heaviest weighs 190 tons. Our complex projects engineering team accompanied the project managers from I.D.E. throughout the project and was a significant factor in its success.

The I.D.E. company was responsible for the construction of the Sorek 2 desalination plant. I.D.E. chose our engineering projects division to carry out this project. The division's engineering department accompanied the planning of the project all the way and planned the stages of the project in which it was necessary to lift every part of the cargo list. The complex planning needed to consider the lifting in terms of the cranes’ locations, their lifting radius, and utilize their maximum capabilities. The loads arrived at Ashdod port. Some of them were transported to the storage facility of the port waiting to be transported out under police escort. Others were taken directly to the site. The lifting of the loads at the site was carried out by a variety of division's different cranes, whether crawler cranes or with mobile cranes. The lifting was coordinated by the arrival schedule of the cargo so that no unnecessary lifts were done, and the parts were immediately placed in their final location. Several loads that the site was not ready to receive were taken to the warehouse. Transporting and lifting those loads has been scheduled and re-aligned with the site's readiness.

The combustion boilers were carried on their side due to their Shape and dimensions. The manufacturer, collaborated with the division's engineers, designing a lifting device to rotate the boilers and lift them in a definitive way to the foundations. Planning the transport of the 190-ton combustion boilers required precise measurement of the Palmachim Bridge. The passage under the bridge in a slow and precise manner while lowering the height of the modular support due to the height limit of the bridge itself. The cargo passed safely and reached its destination.

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