Be’er Tovia power plant

Be'er Tovia power plant

The project's description:

Transporting a 405 tons generator, a 333 tons turbine and a 200 tons transformer from Ashdod port to the Beer Tovia power plant.

SIMENS won the power plant construction contract in Be'er Tuvia. The Transport Engineering Projects unit planned and carried out the transport of the three loads to the plant and the self-unloading of the transformer, sliding it into the transformer room and placing it on its designated base.
After the cargo ship arrived at Ashdod port, the cargo was unloaded and stored in the port on elephant feet. The generator and turbine were transported by the large girder support equipped with 24 axles to the station while bypassing bridges, traveling against the direction of traffic and passing between lanes. The logistics teams of the traffic light company and the Castro company cleared the obstacles along the route and allowed the cargo to pass safely under the escort of the traffic police.
The transport took one night and the next morning the generator and turbine were unloaded by the existing crane in the building itself.
The transport of the transformer was carried out by 16 axles supporter. The day after the transport, self-unloading of the transformer was carried out using a system of supporting beams and jacks from the cart to the rotating table with which we turned the transformer in the direction of its entrance into the transformer room. After rotating the transformer, we replaced the rotating table with a sliding system and slid the transformer to its final position on its designated base.

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